Teleconference Having a conference or meeting soon and you need to involve people remotely?

PRO HD Cameras

Capture your content in the best possible quality with our pro gear.

Visual Mixers

Flip between presenter, presentations and participants seamlessly.

PRO Lighting

Get studio quality lighting as the host for the best quality output.

Video conferencing This is why you should consider it

Video conferencing boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and overall promotes collaboration. The advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of those benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication.


Video Mixing & Remote Participation

Our visual mixers allow a flipping between the presenter and laptop screen with presentations for remote participants.

video mixers

Recent clients and the services

  • NCBA Bank - Teleconferencing

    NCBA Bank - Teleconferencing

    We have offered the service that connecting over 100 branches countrywide.
  • Cigna insurance - Teleconferencing

    Cigna insurance - Teleconferencing

    We have previously offered the solution for Cigna Insurance with participants across four continents