Which #KE company had the best Mannequin Challenge?

At the start of the year we reminisce our holidays with colleagues in between work but most importantly we look back at the previous end of year company party and have fun remembering the highlights. Last year the Dj was too much fun; the drinks ended too quickly; Sam was hitting on me, Oh My God; Sally was drunk silly; and so much more.

At Discmen Entertainment, corporate parties are our forte because it is a segment we have concentrated in. We offer services ranging from Dj Services, Lighting, Staging, Screens, Karaoke and Event Production depending on what we are contracted for by a particular client.

In 2016, we handled 11 end of year company parties. Some were first time clients like MODE; KEMRI; Africa Guarantee Fund; NIVEA; KFW, KWAL and Nairobi Joint Depot (Kobil & Total). Others were second time clients like NIC Bank, Liquid Telecom and Well Told Story. Others like Invesco Insurance were multi-repeat clients, which was a fourth time in five years.

One of the highlights we added to spice up the parties and keep up with trends was to have a Mannequin Challenge. Ever heard of it?

A Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen (statue) in action like a mannequin then a video camera moves around filming them. Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd is the most common song to have in the background playing. The challenge became a sensation towards end of 2016 and popular figures rode with it e.g. Michelle Obama, Kevin Hart, Christiano Ronaldo, Adele, among many others.

The first video we present is for African Guarantee Fund. They held their party at DusitD2, a venue we would highly recommend since the ballrooms are sound proof and you can party until late at any volume without interfering with other hotel guests. The video was shot with a camera phone and the editing has been done in-house at Discmen.

The second video is for KEMRI. They held their party at Crowne Plaza Hotel. We provided them with disco lighting and karaoke as well. Karaoke is always a fun activity for office parties especially for crowds of a hundred and below. We would not advice you to have karaoke for a large party. This video was also shot with a camera phone and the editing done in-house at Discmen.

The third video is for NIC Bank. They had the party at their office parking lot and we transformed the space to create an all white themed party since Discmen did the event concept and management. It was a big party set up for seven hundred people. The video was shot using a professional DSLR came and editing was done in-house at Discmen.

The final video is for Well Told Story that is the organization behind Shujazz magazine. They held their party at Karen Blixen and we also provided Disco Lighting. The video was shot using a camera phone and editing was done in-house at Discmen.

So which among the four above had the best mannequin challenge?

Below is a video bonus of popular mannequin challenges across the world including one in a labour ward.