Good wedding songs that never got the attention in 2016

Last year we did a summary of the most popular wedding songs in 2015 in Kenya – read it here. This year we have decided to compile songs that are good but have not got the attention at Kenyan weddings

  1. The first song is Nikupende by Elani. They released this track in 2015 but to date we have had at most three couples using it out of the close to one hundred weddings since 2015 that we have provided entertainment. It is a perfect love and wedding song with deep meaningful lyrics and a soulful melody.

Lyrics you will love – the chorus: “Nikupende.. Nikulinde.. Usichelewe.. Tuolewe.. Till death do us part. I promise to play my part. Na nikupende.. Hadi mi nife”

  1. The second song is Taste The Feeling by Conrad Sewell. Yes, the Coca-Cola anthem if you still trying to figure if it was what you are thinking. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song? They could form a very nice love song. The groovy beat makes it perfect for an exit song from the church service. If you love Coca-Cola, you surely needed to have this song on you playlist lol! No couple has ever used it at a wedding we that we were playing at.

Lyrics you will love: “With every fading sunset, We see the stars all night, You make the simple moments, Last for a lifetime.. So we can feel forever, You and me together, Stay free forever, And be real together.”

  1. Next is Why I Love you by Major. This is a 2016 song and Major is a new artist who is bubbling under ready to blow with his debut album I Am Major. He delivers a soulful pop sound to the new age. Walking down the aisle could not be more graceful than using this and signing certificates to it could not be more sentimental. We had two couples using the song but #DiscmenEnt predicts it becoming popular in 2017.

Lyrics you will love: “The stars have all aligned and right now is the perfect time to say I love you.. I love you.. I love you….”

  1. Take My Hand by Emily Hackett also gets into this list. A Lovely couple – Maria & Shadrack who choose it as part of their procession music for their wedding in Nakuru, introduced us to the song. We learn a lot from our clients and prefer when they make own choices to create own unique sound tracks. The song title just lets you know it is perfect for the wedding, “Take My Hand”. It is a 2014 song and we think it worth a few brides marching to it or signing certificates to it.

Lyrics you will love: Gimme your blessing, Sir, I’ll give her all that I’ve got.. It doesn’t look like much but it sure feels like a lot.. Let her take my heart and take my hand.

  1. Gilad as an artiste was a common request from most couples – “please make sure you play Gilad” but they did not choose procession music from his songs. Sema Milele by Gilad is a good choice for procession music either for the maids, bride or signing certificates. It could also make a good first dance song. The official video is a perfect love story.

Lyrics you will love: “When you say nakupenda, I feel it.. When you say tunaweza, I believe it.. And if tuko pamoja, baby, will you say milele”

  1. Any track that has John Legend is certain to give you goose bumps and he had to feature in this wedding songs playlist. Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend is one of those tracks. It is a soulful, old school ballad whose main message is appreciating each moment of a relationship because we are not assured of tomorrow.

Lyrics you will love: “So I’m gonna love you, Like I’m gonna lose you.. So I’m gonna hold you, Like I’m saying goodbye”

  1. One Call Away by Charlie Puth should be like an unofficial anthem for long distance relationships if you listen to the lyrics and probably should be part of the procession music of such a couple. At the same time, regular couples (not long distance) can still appreciate the lyrics in the sense of one spouse being a superman for you.

Lyrics you will love: “And when you’re weak I’ll be strong.  I’m gonna keep holding on.. Now don’t you worry, it won’t be long.. Darling, and when you feel like all hope is gone.. Just run in to my arms.”

There are many more songs that deserved attention but they did not get. Maybe 2017 is their year. Feel free to comment songs that you think should make the cut to a wedding songs playlist.


Cold Heart and Crown Love riddims were arguably the two biggest riddims of 2016 in Kenya. We would have hoped someone would have picked an appropriate single from either riddim for an exit song to add a twist and surprise their guests. . The riddims in themselves were popular and certainly were played in most wedding after parties.

Their are two songs that almost make the cut for procession music in these two riddims but we had to let go of one. Christopher Martin’s My Love is good until you think of this line, “... under the influence of sweet cocunut rum..”, as you exit church service 🙂 . That said, it could make a good first dance song if you want to step a bit faster. Denyque’s Don’t You Know makes the cut to represent Cold Heart riddim as a procession song.

Lyrics you will love: From hear right now.. I swear, I vow.. To always pick you when you down..”

Cover photo credits: Ben Kiruthi Weddings