2015 Favourite Wedding Songs

This list is not conclusive but is based on our experiences in the 44 weddings we have handled in the year 2015. These were the most requested wedding songs for special moments by the couple arranged from the most to least requested.

1. Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud was the undisputed most favourite song whether for walking down the aisle, signing the certificate or for a first dance. As the year progressed and a few covers became available online, we saw couples choosing them over the original to give their weddings an edge. As summed up on a review of this song on music times, “it’s all one smooth, casual ride to the altar“.

2. A Thousand Years by 28 year old Christina Perri was the second most favourite song. It was particularly requested for the bridal procession or signing the certificates. It is a 2011 song but it is quite still popular, and we can anticipate that it is going be popular for a few more years. The original version and the Piano Guys version were the most popular.

3. A lot of couples choose to exit the church ceremony to Michelle William’s Say Yes.  It’s choice as a recession song for many couples can mainly be attributed to it’s lyrics and catchy tempo that is celebratory and can be danced to. The beat is African and resonates well with a diverse crowd. Talking of African roots, Michelle has been quoted saying the song has African roots but as Kenyans we should remember a Pastor Deya version from the 90’s (watch that video here).

4. Another popular recession song was Tam Tam remix by Willy Paul and Size 8. It talks about how love is beautiful and that a good wife comes God – an awesome way to cap a ceremony, don’t you think so? The song’s lyrics and video features popular Kenyan couples from the President Uhuru and his wife, Maggie; Raila Odinga and Ida; Dj Krowbar and Joy; The Kiuna’s; amongst others. The beat is groovy and gracious to dance to as the bridal party exits.

5. Imagine a song that is 26 years old that makes it to such a chart. Their is a wealth about how old songs were done that keeps us playing them, dancing to them and even sampling them to make new hits. Kenny Rodger’s The Vows Go Unbroken was chosen several times to be played as couples signed their certificate. The lyrics of this song could not be more befitting for any other moment than marking commitment to each other. Our grandfathers listened to Kenny Rodgers, our parents did too, we are listening to him and we can bet generations to come will listen to him.

Other songs that almost made it to this top 5 wedding songs of 2015 are listed below. They are a mix of different kinds of music.

Which song or songs do you think should make it to this list that we did not consider? It’s about those songs that when you listen to they speak love, they feel wedding-like and you would certainly have them as part of your wedding songs, that is if you have not already made them part of.

Ed Sheeran 1


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