Marry Your Daughter

We met on the rehearsal day to discuss the songs and the kind of music they would want at the wedding. The couple wanted a fulfilled day with lots of dancing of which we obliged.  As we discussed the ceremony music,  the bride asked hesitantly whether we could play her Marry Your Daughter by Brian McKnight. We were excited as this was one of our favourite songs but amazingly no client has ever picked it.

This was a garden wedding ceremony, reception and evening party at Steadmak Gardens. The highlight of this venue is, it has a well-kept carpet grass. The day started off dreary with light showers before progressing into sunshine. The ceremony started at 1 pm and there was a tent to protect the guests from the overhead sun although on this day it decided to be slightly drizzly.

IMAG2002  church area-4

The groom, Ezbon walked in with his parents to Stay With You by John legend. Some people do not expect the groom to walk in to a song but we always advice couples that there are no rules cast in stone for their wedding. John Legend and love in one sentence you bet there are deep lyrics cooking.

The groomsmen then walked in to Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love. This song like other Sheeran songs has a focus on a guitar throughout the song. It is acoustic and slowed down well to give it some mellowness.

The flower girls and the bridesmaids walked in to I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.  Following them was one of the pageboys walked  holding the ring. This song is a modern country pop song whose title may confuse you thinking it is about dancing but the song is about inspiration and love. The bride chose this song as a blessing to their marriage.

The other pageboy walked in behind all of them holding a placard with the words “here comes your bride” The pageboy marched to the all time favourite and popular A thousand Years by Christina Perri. The only difference it was the cover by the Piano Guys done using a Piano and a Cello – check out their YouTube page for song ideas.

The hour of the bride had arrived and Pastor Omusula asked the guests to stand up. The reason we dig this song is the lyrics and this particular animation video below. Given a chance we would play the video on screens at the ceremony for people to see how funky this song is. In fact this animator, Lyn Shamaine Jalos has very nice animations of your favourite songs; head over to her YouTube channel. This song was a dedication to the bride’s father, who is deceased, from the groom. It asks for her hand in marriage while declaring his love. The irony was not lost that the song asked for the first born daughter while the bride was the last born.

The pastor did his short sermon and soon it was time to sign the certificates. The couple had chosen Loliwe by Zahara. A few facts about it: Loliwe is South African meaning train; it is a call to pray if you want to go to heaven as the train is coming fast; and the Loliwe album went platinum thirteen days after release.

Most couples after the certificates will light the unity candle or have a unity sand ceremony to signify the covenant of coming together.  Uniquely, Ezbon and Fiona had the Unity Cross, which is explained in the video below. It is patented so you may have to order online from This intrigued the guests.

The pastor had requested the Dj to cue to hot Swahili gospel songs that the congregation would celebrate the union to dancing. The choice was a Swahili-Kikuyu medley of popular Christian songs. You know a jam is hot when you have three – five guests asking you who have sung it. Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe is the first song on this medley and it amazes that it has so many renditions online.

Hakuna Mumgu kama wewe[sc_embed_player fileurl=""]

The recession song was a trip back to South Africa, Lengoma by Dj Sbu ft Zahara. The groom loves South African and it was a groovy way to leave a happy ceremony. Lengoma means this song – today you learning South African for free.


The bridal team left for the photo shoot and the guests moved to the gardens 30 or so meters across. Despite the proximity, we had done a double set up to minimize downtime only moving the decks.

church area-27   church area-12

The guests settled down to eat food as our Djs kept the playlist mellow.  The emcee of the day, Joe Maina did a good job in between the interludes giving out house rules and cracking a few jokes. His strength lies in making people dance and being the second time we were working together I knew it was going to be a party.

The bridal party came back and the women from the groom’s side received them. The Dj took over and being a Kikuyu – Kamba couple, the playlist started from this background before moving out.

church area-5-2   church area-2-2

The highlight of the reception was a Flash Mob session that started out with the bride and the groom before the bridal party joined in. The emcee had given the Dj the cue to start and the first song was celebration by Kool and the Gang and the rest were for the Dj to choose. Being a young couple, we switched to modern contemporary songs. Soon the guests were cramped near the bridal party recording this show.

church area-9   church area-13   church area-17   church area-21   church area-19   church area-20   church area-24

The reception ended slightly past 7pm. The tent had lighting courtesy of Weddings and Events by Kui. We moved our set up to the evening party venue – a bar next to the lake. We did a small disco lighting set up for the dance floor area. The main hall that Steadmak Gardens use for evening parties was under renovation.

church area-29

The first dance by the bride and groom was 2015’s popular track, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

The bride’s elder brother whom had acted as her father on that day then danced with bride to Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross. The lyrics were fitting bearing in mind that the bride would love to dance with her father.

The party went on till late in the morning.

Discmen is a great company to work with. Always ready to help with fabulous solutions. Together with the emcee, they gave us the fun filled party that we desired. this was one service provider that gave us 150% with ease. We met on rehearsal day, gave them our list and green light to party. The rest was up to them and they never disappointed us. We would recommend them to anyone, at anytime and for any function.

***Fiona and Ezbon***

We would like to thank Fiona and Ezbon for choosing to work with us and Discovering the Discmen Difference. We wish you well and God’s favour in your marriage.

Sample an EDM mix by one of the Dj’s as the party came to a close.


Other wedding suppliers were:

Venue: Steadmak Gardens

Photograhy: Warui Pix

Tent and Decor: Wedding & Events by Kui

Emcee: Joe Maina of Sisimsha Entertaiment