Celebrity Band Surprise for Your Wedding

You might have watched Maroon 5’s monster hit Sugar video. They crash wedding parties to do surprise performances, some of which are acted and others real. The look on the guests and the couples is priceless.

Jackie and James wanted a surprise performance for their guests from one of the leading bands in the country for their reception. If you were to choose a celebrity band to surprise your guests, which would it be?

Let’s go to church first for the ceremony. The church ceremony was held at ACK Kasarani. We prepared their playlist on a flash disk and gave the church technician to copy on the church computer – they play using virtual dj software program, may be in future they will get actual dj decks 🙂

Jackie_James-207   Jackie_James-198   Jackie_James-376

The groom was the first to walk in with his parents to John Legend’s Stay With You. More and more grooms’ are becoming more comfortable with the idea of them walking in to the ceremony with music.

The bridal party was the next to come in. They walked in to Dixie Cup’s classic Going to the Chapel of Love. This is a timeless song released in 1964 and still warms wedding ceremonies.

The bride walked into with arguably 2015’s wedding song of the year, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

Pastor Ken Aringo made a short interesting sermon. Your pastor goes a long way in setting the tone for your wedding. After the sermon there was a short worship chorus session by the church choir.

The couple signed their certificates to This Ring  by Anthony Carter, which is a christian wedding song that says it all.  The song is written as a vow.

Jackie and James chose Michelle William’s Say Yes for their recession. It is a groovy jam to dance to as you celebrate a union and it is a prayer that you believe in Jesus.

The reception venue was Sir Ali Yusuf grounds on Thika Road next to Utalii Hotel. The emcee for the day was Pastor Robert Burale whom we have worked with severally. This guy is funny, witty and most of all stylish. He has an outfit normally formal for the church bit and a casual wear for the reception – Ujaluo ni gharama lol!

The guests got in settled down for a few minutes. The bridal party came in soon after, they had decided to skip main photo shoot to do it in the evening after the wedding.

The women welcomed them singing as per tradition before the Dj took over. The couple being Kikuyu-Luo, had a variety of those songs for a start before transcending around Kenya and in to modern contemporary music for the younger generation.

Jackie_James-359   Jackie_James-549   Jackie Weds James -Photodiaries

Jackie_James-558   Jackie_James-391   Jackie_James-535

The bridal party settled down so did everyone else who was dancing. They had lunch as the Dj entertained them with breaks from the emcee for jokes and house rules. Speeches were done and the cake was cut.

As cake was being served round, we delivered cordless mics to Hart The Band at the car park. They started walking in to the venue while singing their popular song Nikikutazama. At first, most guests did not know where the music was coming from; probably they thought it was the Dj. The young guys in the crowd broke into frenzy when they saw Hart The Band walking towards the front area while singing.

Hart The Band invited the couple and the bridal party to join them on stage as they sung. The beauty of their performance was that they personalized the songs adding the couple’s names in them and features for example having a line like “kama mapenzi ni nywele amekusetia natty” – the bride had dreadlocks. By this time the guests had moved closer to the stage and were busy video recording on their camera phones as they sang along.

Jackie_James-632   Jackie_James-636   Jackie_James-624   Jackie_James-619

The band exited as they had come in but not before a few guests requested for photo moments with them.

Robert Burale finished off with the bouquet toss for the single ladies. A vote of thanks and a closing prayer wrapped up the reception.

The party moved to Barclays Sports, Thika road that was five minutes away from the venue making it convenient for the guests to move there straight away. We had already done ambient lighting set up in the room and disco lighting earlier in the day.



Jackie and James opened the dance floor with the song she walked in to church with, Ed Sheeran’s – Thinking Out Loud. The party went on late in to the night. Sample some videos from the evening.

See the highlights of the whole wedding below courtesy of Snapshot Kenya.


Every wedding needs a good Dj. One who understands you, helps you select wedding songs and keeps your guests entertained at all times. A dj who knows how to blend between different communities for example, ours was a Luo – Kikuyu wedding. A dj that gives you more than value for your money. Having Discmen present at our wedding was a blessing from church, reception and evening party. The lighting they did at our evening party gave our guests an exciting experience. Good job guys, we truly discovered the Discmen Difference.

***Jackie & James***

We would like to thank Jackie and James for choosing to work with us. We pray for God to bless their marriage.

Other Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Venue: Sir Yusuf Sports Club

Emcee: Pastor Robert Burale

Photography: Osborne Macharia &  Photo Diaries Kenya

Videography: Snapshot Kenya